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15 years ago when Makarnd Karkhanis a botanist from India migrated to New Zealand, his  desperate urge for street food which is part of everyday life there,  led to  start up of first Indian street food caravan by the name of 'Soul Curry' and  made him pioneer of Indian street food in New Zealand. 

'Curry Mantra' was his first award winning restaurant based on Marathi cuisine (or Maharashtrian,  a cuisine based on food from Mumbai region). 

Later the Botanist  with  no conventional  training as a chef, led  the teams  of some prestigious Indian restaurants. Subi's  is  his brand of premium ice creams with famous Indian spices and flavours. It  is  named  after  Late  Subodhini,  his  beloved  elder  sister  and guide in his culinary experiments and journey. 

He is always associated with top rated Indian restaurants in New Zealand.  A scientist  hidden inside keeps  him experimenting meticulously on  Indian cuisine differently, always thinking out of the box and fighting against stereotypical 'curry menu' set on Indian culinary scene. For the first time he has used molecular gastronomy, science of food pairing and advanced culinary techniques to enhance the food, bringing the spectacle on the plates and magic on your palette.


Based on his research, and new ideas he is continuously contributing to culinary art of India.